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2 weeks ago
Best ortho
Teichman has been treating my kids for years now
and has been the only honest ortho we have found.
He has given my daughter a chance to feel more
comfortable with her smile and has been treating my
son too. I always recommend him.
2 weeks ago
Professional and friendly
Great experience so far for my first appointment. Dr.
Teichman is great as well as his staff. I finally
decided to proceed with getting braces and he made
me feel super comfortable and excited. Debbie was
great with working around my schedule and getting
me in right away.
3 weeks ago
The coolest dental office!
As a woman past a certain age, I finally decided to
get braces, never had them. The first orthodontist
I saw,I walked out. They got my hackles up. Came
here, and love them. They are very chill and friendly.
I have put my trust in them completely. I believe I
told them I am along for the ride. Had more than a
two month delay due to our mandatory staycation, so
I actually didn’t see them for over three months,and
when Dr. Teichman asked how I was, I started laughing
and we all just started laughing. Gotta love it!
3 weeks ago
Friendly, Good Service
Dr. Teichman and his staff are very nice and provide a
great experience.
1 month ago
Awesome care for my 3 kids
Dr Teichman and his staff are incredibly warm, friendly,
and provide great care. They are engaging with the
kids and talk to them in an easy, calm and informative
way that lightens the mood in what can be an otherwise
unpleasant experience. I would recommend Dr Teichman
to everyone. Thank you!
2 months ago
Always professional and friendly
My daughter’s retainer was not fitting right anymore.
We thought it was due to her tooth growing in and
hitting her retainer in a place and causing it not to
fit anymore. But times are tough right now with COVID
19 and most business being shut down. So I was not
sure if they were even open yet. Not realizing today
was the first day that anyone was actually in the office,
I called and talked to Debbie and explained what was
going on. She asked for me to send a pick of her tooth
to show the doctor. She advised she will talk to Dr.
Teichmann and let me know how he would like to
proceed. Not too long from when we spoke, I was
asked to bring my daughter in. We did just that. When
we got there, there were masked/gloves ready for us.
Took her back and fixed her right up. Explained how
office is going to move forward from this point and what
they are doing to take all the proper precautions. I am
glad to hear that they value/care for their patients and
their safety too. We both felt comfortable being there.
We would and have recommended Dr. Teichmann’s
office you all. Good caring people that work there!
4 months ago
Awesome Ortho Care
Dr. Teichman AND his staff are all wonderful! This
can be unusual, so when you find Dr. and Staff
that are excellent at what they do and are ALL
so kind- you want to share it. Their style and low
key atmosphere were perfect for our family. We
will actually be sad when we no longer have
appointments with them!. I wish there were 10 stars!

5 months ago
Adjust retainer
Excellent experience
5 months ago
Very professional and friendly!
This is our first visit, from beginning to end every
one was very friendly and informative. My son who
is getting braces was very nervous and had a lot
of questions before coming in, he was put as easy
and all his questions were answered by Dr.
Teichman and Jen.
6 months ago
The best
Dr. Teichman is amazing. The best orthodontist.
A perfectionist yet so kind. Thank you Dr. Teichman for
my beautiful l smile. My teeth are beautiful.