v-braces.jpgFor every regular appointment as a brace or an active appliance patient, you can earn up to 3 tokens. Our tokens never expire, so you may turn them in whenever you are ready to exchange them for gift certificates.

How do you earn tokens?

  1. Excellent brushing/good oral hygiene
  2. No loose/broken brackets, bands or appliances
  3. Wearing your Dr. Teichman (MTO) T-shirt to your regular appointment.

Bonus Tokens!

1 Bonus Token for wearing elastics as prescribed.

1 Bonus Token for wearing and bringing in Headgear as prescribed.

1 Bonus Token if you check-in to our office at your regular appointment through Facebook. Search "Dr. Michael Teichman" and redeem your token.

1 Bonus Token for each A and B you receive on your current report card.

5 Bonus Tokens for "Routine Dental Cleaning Certificate."

20 Tokens if you refer a friend/family to our office. (Ask a team member for details.)

Exchange Token Rewards